New Vilorija collection “Prêt-à-Voyager’’ (“Ready-to-Travel”) is inspired by the desire of the modern woman to travel, explore the World, and to always look stylish everywhere she goes.

It’s a very chic and sophisticated clothing line, perfect for women who want to look beautiful and feminine in every situation.

Vilorija collection has romantic, timelessly elegant, retro spirit, but at the same time it's very fresh and modern.

It’s a very unique and new look.

The collection is very stylish, original and playful, with beautiful unique print patterns and embroideries, all designed by Vilorija.

Here are a few examples:

•    Vilorija striped T-shirts – with very unique stripes, consisted of Parisian art déco balconies: http://www.vilorija.com/prints-paris-artdeco

•   Parisian balconies as Vilorija jacquard embroideries, on little black dresses - making a classic, timelessly elegant little black dress look like a Parisian art-déco building: http://www.vilorija.com/embroideries-paris-artdeco

•   Unique Vilorija versions of Classic Scottish checks – detailed with romantic roses from the covers of old Fairy Tale books: http://www.vilorija.com/prints-scotishchecks-roses-fairytalebooks

•   Very original Vilorija animal prints, which represent the Dalmatian dog - inspired by Iggy Pop’s punk song “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, with burlesque details inspired by Dita Von Teese in Martini Glass at Crazy Horse Paris: http://www.vilorija.com/prints-now-i-wanna-be-your-dog

•   Classic and romantic Vilorija Flower prints, inspired by Fairy Tales and Roses: http://www.vilorija.com/prints-roses-fairytales

•   Unique Vilorija embroideries inspired by Fairy Tales: http://www.vilorija.com/embroideries-fairytales

Each Vilorija piece is also available in one color: http://www.vilorija.com/unicolou